Lewis. 18. Happily Taken. Follower of God. Straight Edge. New Zealand. Anxious. Constantly on my red couch watching anime, scrolling through tumblr, or listening to music with angry people yelling into the mic.

After playing his song ‘Rhythm In My Soul’ Jonny started tearing up and his voice became more strained as he managed to get these words out to an applauding crowd. Jonny has been through so much in his life. Fighting a drug addiction for the last few years, he has finally pulled through. As of April, he is 13 months clean. He went into detox once in March 2011 after his infamous Macbook scam, and again in March 2012 after he was arrested due to possession narcotics. Jonny was finally able to get his side of the story out about his drug problems when he was on the cover of Alt Press magazine in July 2012. I am really just so proud of Jonny for what he has accomplished. Drug addiction is very difficult, but he has finally managed to get it together and continue on with his love for music. "I know that I don’t deserve it, but I’m gonna fucking work extra hard to gain your respect back. No matter how hard the climb back up is, it’s not fucking impossible to get back to what you fucking had. I want you guys to know that. You don’t need a fucking substance to be happy". This is why Jonny is so inspirational to me and thousands of other people. He is proof that you can fall and get back up even stronger. "We love Jonny! We love Jonny!" chanted the crowd as they displayed their affection for Jonny’s touching words. (x)

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